What About the Taste of Non-Alcoholic Wine?

While all of the components of a good red or white wine are in the glass and the taste is fine, but some of the aromas and complex tastes of wine are actually not discernible as it is the alcohol that draws many of them together and delivers them to your nose and taste buds.

For example, most of the aromas in wine are transmitted from the surface of the wine by evaporating alcohol.  When the alcohol is removed, the aromas no longer have a delivery method.  Non-alcoholic wines definitely have aromas, but for now, most are associated with their post fermentation flavours.  This is particularly noticeable with red wines.

Similarly, many of the flavours are highly soluble in alcohol and it is the alcohol that delivers these nuanced characteristics to your taste buds, along with mouth feel and 'thickness' of wine.  All the good tastes are there, but without the alcohol they are not as apparent to your taste.  As a result, non-alcoholic wines typically taste lighter and have less depth of flavour to their alcoholic equivalents.  As well, de-alcoholised wines tend to taste a little more sweet as the residual sugar left is not fermented to the end.

On the other hand, non-alcoholic wines typically taste fruitier and fresher, and pair every bit as well with different foods the same as their alcoholic cousins with similar pairings.

The trick when drinking a non-alcoholic wine is just to approach it differently.  You can't drink it expecting it to taste exactly like the wine you are used to, however that doesn't mean that it can't be enjoyable.  It's about having an open mind when you taste it, and not expecting to taste like wine that has alcohol in it.  Swirl it in your mouth and enjoy the fresh flavours, knowing it's also great for your mind and body!!  

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