Mixed Ale-Pale Ale 6 pack

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Here's a quick mix of non-alcoholic Ale and Pale Ale style beers for you to try without having to wade through our selection and methodically pick the style your after. 

Surprisingly all of these beers are brewed in Australia, which is a pretty strong indicator that Ale and Pale Ale style beers are certainly a favourite and it makes sense considering we have a temperate climate. 

If you're looking for a wide cross-section of top fermenting style Ales that are not necessarily hop forward, look no further.   

The ALCOFREE Ale-Pale Ale Mixed 6 pack will include  6 of the beers below (mix depends on availability) - with new beers coming regularly. 

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale - Aussie brewed award winning drop
Brewdog Nanny State Ale
- hoppy ale brewed in Brisbane
Bridge Road Free Time Pale Ale - a light tasting PA from Melbourne 
Holgate Love All Pale Ale
- dry and refreshing Aussie beer
Mornington Free Pale Ale
- full-bodied and piney Victorian brew
NORT Pacific Ale
- passionfruit & tropical aromas from NSW
NORT Refreshing Ale
- fruity aroma and refreshingly crisp from NSW
Prohibition Pacific Ale
- NSW brew with tropical aromas 
Prohibition Pale Ale
- full hop flavour in this NSW brew
UpFlow Classic Pale Ale - Aussie brewed with extra bitterness

Customise your mix

If you want to make sure some beers are in the mix (or not in) just let us know in the comments section of your order. Or order 2 of these and we'll include all that we have in your mix. 

These come in 330ml, 340ml, 350ml and 375ml cans and bottles


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