Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine (275ml)

If you are looking for a non alcoholic Gin and Tonic then this drink offers to you all the tastes of the classic drink.   For the Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine tastes like a G n T which makes the drinker feel like they are having a gin and tonic. Because it has been brewed for 7 days the flavors are very intense.  This drink is not for kids as it has got body and depth. 

As the name suggests, this drink initially hits you with a very sharp citrus taste followed by the flavor of  botanical sweetness of hyssop, juniper berries and lime flowers, finishing of with the aftertaste of white jasmine flowers.

Remember: Up-ending a Fentimans bottle before enjoying is always in order, to enjoy a fuller, more invigorating taste that is 'once tasted, never forgotten'.

Fentimans do not mask their drinks with sugar.

Gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Made in the UK

275 ml bottles available in 6-Pack or Carton of 12 bottles.

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