This stock has a Best By date of October 2020. Still good for 6 months after that date, but you choose. 

Flavor:  Bittersweet orange

Alcohol Content:  0.0%

Country of Origin:  Austria

Volume:  235 ml

Refreshing bittersweet orange flavor. This popular retro Italian classic will quench your thirst in no time.  Just crack open a can and enjoy a mocktail hangover free.

You no longer need a professional bartender to enjoy bar-quality beverages. Become the professional mixologist of the group by simply cracking open a preservative-free TWISST Mocktail- enjoy as is!

This TWISST Mocktail is packaged in a recyclable aluminium can. Kick back, relax and enjoy your alcohol-free cocktail free of guilt and full of flavor.

Available in 6 pack or carton of 12  

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