Versin Aperitif - Alternative for Red Vermouth


Alcohol Content:  0.0%

Country of Origin:  Spain

Volume:  1 Litre 

Versin is an alcohol free spirit substitute. It contains the same basic ingredients as regular vermouth, but the difference is that these ingredients haven’t been fermented and thus haven’t been turned into alcohol, which gives the vermouth a full sweet taste.  

Traditional vermouth has about 16% alcohol, so the taste on the palate of this non-alcoholic version is certainly different. Most similar to the sweet white (bianco) vermouth, it has a different bouquet as well, but like all vermouth is an excellent aperitif and great ingredient in non-alcoholic cocktails.  

This drink contains no artificial sweeteners and about 4 gms sugar per 100ml when combined with the recommended 3 parts ice.


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