Fentimans Tonic Water (200ml)

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Type:  Tonic Water

Flavor:  Blend of herbal infusions with lemongrass

Alcohol Content:  0.3%

Country of Origin:  United Kingdom

Volume:  200 ml

An organic grain base, milled quinine bark and lemongrass are brought together to create a natural tonic water that is distinctly zesty and brewed to perfection. There is a sharpness derived from the bitter, woody aromas of quinine bark, mixed with a light dose of cane sugar.

Fentimans beverages are botanically brewed and contain all the flavour and goodness from the finest natural ingredients. This results in an invigorating and full-flavoured taste that sets Fentimans apart.

200 ml bottles available in four-pack or Carton of 6 x four-packs (24 bottles) 

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