Singria - Non Alcoholic Sangria

Ready to become THE fashionable drink this summer, ‘Singria’ is inspired by the unmistakable fruitiness of sangria typical of the Spanish countryside, yet delightfully alcohol free. And best of all this drink, which originates in Spain, is now available in Oz.

Singria is perfect for drinking very cold or splashed on ice, especially on long hot days and nights. It quenches the thirst of the sharpest palate with an intense fruity flavour, yet without the alcohol.

Singria has a unique fruit flavour with a hint of cinnamon and is also gluten-free, but definitely not fashion free! Naturally and artificially flavoured, it has about 5 gms of sugar per 100 ml. 

1 ltr Bottles available in case of 6 or 12 (or add to other drinks to make up a case).

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