Dry July Booze Free Drinks to Keep You Sober

Do you need some ‘dry’ alcohol free drinks to get you through Dry July?


Quitting alcohol for a month can be daunting. Maybe you are stressing about being sober and how you are going to stay off the booze!

What will happen if you are at a party and everyone is drinking?

Does it mean that you have to be a hermit and avoid socializing for the whole month?
You could always make out you’re a hero. But there are great alternatives…

Alcofree has an outstanding range of non-alcoholic drinks, to keep you dry and sober while drinking.

Alcofree drinks look like the real thing – you can still have a drink in your hand and not feel left out.

10% of the value of your purchase will go to Dry July to support cancer patients, their families and carers.

Here are some recommended drinks you can purchase now for Dry July:

Buy now a beer to take with you:


Buy excellent wines:


These are just some suggestions from our wide range.

Go booze-free but not fun free for July!

With Alcofree drinks, you don’t need to hide in a corner or hibernate your taste buds for a month. We know that taste matters so we offer you quality drinks with quality taste.

Alco free wines

What happens when you quit drinking alcohol?

A few of the benefits reported by Dry July, are that people experience more clarity, sleep better, more energy and no hangovers! Check out the Dry July website for more information.

Enjoy guilt-free drinking with Alcofree drinks

Transform your health! Non-alcoholic beers are rich in B-vitamins and our wines are all have phytonutrients. Being naturally lower in calories and without the harmful side-effects of alcohol, your body will love you for guzzling Alcofree drinks in July!


Write “Dry July” in the comments section of your order and 10% of the order value (excluding freight) will go to Dry July.