The Celebración Party Cocktail Mix

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This package includes:

  • Caipirinha this lime mocktail is Brazil's national cocktail
  • Coco LocoSpanish for crazy coconut and has a distinct coconut and rum taste
  • Daiquiri: our favourite with distinct strawberry flavour
  • Mojito: this classic mocktail is full of lime and mint flavours and ready to enjoy
  • Pina Colada: a burst of tropical pineapple, especially cool with a dash of Ronsin 
  • San Francisco: this fruity slightly tart mocktail is ready to enjoy by itself or add cherries  
  • Sex on the Beach: with the taste of melon, summer peaches and cranberry   
  • Whissin: made from barley, maize and wheat, 'whissin' is 'whisky without alcohol'
  • Ronsin: containing the same basic ingredients as regular rum, Ronsin is a rum substitute
  • Versin: think vermouth without the alcohol and you'll enjoy the taste of Versin 
  • 2 x Ginsin: a non-alcholic version of Gin - Strawberry and Tangerine included 

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