Celtica Herbal Elixir


Serve as a liqueur or with a wee dram - "slainte"

First, note the beautiful labeling and the unique size and shape of the bottle - an image that fosters warmth, relaxation & contemplation.  But it is what's inside the bottle that counts and inside this bottle is an unique blend of crushed apples and honey and herbs that include: heather, rowanberry, elderberry, thistle, apple, irish moss, oak, aven, hawthorn, sloeberry and mistletoe.

This Elixir will take you to a far-away Emerald Isle where charming elves and pots of gold really do exist (or so they say). On St Patrick's day or any other day, crack open a bottle of Celtica Elixir, a non-intoxicating herbal liqueur, and celebrate to your heart's content.  Or simply enjoy after an evening meal with you and yours. 

500 ml bottles

Product of Australia 

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Type: Liqueur

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