Clausthaler Grapefruit

With Clausthaler Grapefruit, the pioneer non-alcoholic beer maker puts forward a refreshing mix of 50% Clausthaler Classic and 50% grapefruit drink. This tasty shandy is bottom-fermented and refreshing. It blends Clausthaler’s trademark hoppy lager taste with all-natural grapefruit juice for a delicious and refreshing alternative to other non-alcoholic beverage options currently available on the market.

Non-alcoholic beer has come a long way since the days of it being consumed only by those needing to abstain. With Clausthaler Grapefruit, consumers now have a delicious, flavorful and refreshing alternative when it comes to their non-alcoholic beverage options. 

Country: Germany         Style: Shandy        Alcohol: <0.5% ABV

50% Grapefruit drink (water, grapefruit juice, sugar, carbonation, citric acid, natural flavours) 50% NA Beer (water, cereal malt, hops extract)

per 100ml serve







- Sugar


121 kJ / 29 kcal

0 g

0 g

0.01 g

0.1 g

6.4 g

6.4 g

0.0 g



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Category: Lager

Type: Pilsner

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