Fentimans Mixed Dozen (Carton of 12)

Having a party and want to offer your guests a mix of soft drinks that are not just every day drinks? Or maybe you just want some drinks to keep in the fridge for when friends drop in, or you need a cool satisfying bubbly drink? Well here's a great selection of our personal favorites from Fentimans:

  • 4 bottles of Curiosity Cola - rated as one of the best cola's in the US for good reason! 
  • 4 bottles of Ginger Beer - with a real ginger bite, make sure you're ready for it!
  • 4 bottles of Rose Lemonade - a delicate rose aroma but great lemon bubbly taste!

Or you may choose your own preferred flavors!

As these are brewed soft drinks, they contain up to 0.5% alcohol by volume. 

Gluten free and suitable for vegans.

275 ml bottles available in Carton of 12 bottles.

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