Gerstel Alkoholfrei


Brewery:  Gerstel

Style:  Pilsner

Alcohol Content:  0.5%

Country of Origin:  Germany

Volume:  330 ml bottle

Gerstel non-alcoholic - classically mild – which is rich in tradition as the first non-alcoholic brand in Germany with a full taste of beer. This is a pilsner-style non-alcoholic brew with spicy, floral hop aromas and delicate malt flavour. Brewed at a 350-year-old German microbrewery, this is lager shows off the delicate spice and floral notes of the Bavarian Hallertauer hop. It is brewed according to a special technique using selected malts and hops and in compliance with the German Purity Law to guarantee the properties of a full-bodied beer.  

Order this isotonic non-alcoholic thirst quencher and experience its unique taste.

86 calories (360 kJ) per 330 ml. bottle

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Category: Lager

Type: Pilsner

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