Brewery: Lobkowicz

Style:  Pilsiner

Alcohol Content:  0.5%

Country of Origin:  Czechoslovakia 

Volume:  330 ml

Lobkowicz Premium Non-alcoholic Pils is an award winning beer. Originating from the South Bohemia region of Czechslovakia, this beer is made using a cold method of hopping using three varieties of hops; Saaz, Magnum and Cascade.  The low level of alcohol is reached due to special yeast which produces minimum alcohol, with the result being the scent of a normal Pils, the unmistakable taste of a normal Pils and yet is clean and refreshing.  

Produced with the crystal clear waters of an underground lake, this beer continues to win significant domestic and international awards included being highly placed in the coveted PIVEX Gold Cup for the best alcohol-free beer of the Czech Republic.

Lobkowicz is a healthy, natural, refreshing beer with a caloric intake well below that of traditional beer. 

<0.5% ABV, 22.9 kcal, 4.8g carbs of which sugar is 2.4g per 100ml


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Category: Lager

Type: Pilsner

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