This stock has a Best By date of August 2020. Still good for 6 months after that date, but you choose. 

If you enjoy a refreshing mellow drink, TWISST Pina Colada offers a tantalizing combination of smooth coconut and fruity pineapple.

Unlike other pre-mixes, TWISST is low-maintenance and high quality. You don’t need to crush, mix or shake before you TWISST, which makes it perfect for any and every occasion, from the beach to your bridal party!

So do the TWISST anytime, anywhere and with anyone with a Pina Colada in the hand.

TWISST is the 2016 winner of the “Best New Non-Alcoholic Beverage” Award, which was previously won by Pepsi and other industry leaders. Gulfood Awards appreciates beverages with a TWISST, and you will too!

235 ml

Country: Austria              Category: Mocktail          Alcohol: 0.00% ABV


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