Aussie Craft Beer Sampler - 12 x Bottles/Cans

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There's been a huge amount of hype about the growing range of non-alcoholic beers coming onto the market in the last 12 to 18 months. Whether in the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, etc. the range seems to be growing each week. And Australian craft breweries have not just been following this trend, but producing their own outstanding brews specifically for Aussie palates.  And they are excellent! 

So here at ALCOFREE we want to give you the opportunity to sample 12 of the best, and then you will know which ones are perfect for you!

The ALCOFREE Aussie Craft Beer Sampler will include 12 of the beers below (mix depends on availability (with new beers coming regularly). 

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale Hawkesbury Prohibition Pale Ale
Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager UpFlow New World IPA
UpFlow Classic Pale Ale UpFlow Classic Pale Ale
Big Drop Paradiso IPA UpFlow Ultra Pale Lager
Heaps Normal XPA Upflow Stout
Sobah Fingerlime Cerveza Holgate Love All Pale Ale
Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner NORT Refreshing Ale
Sobah Pepperberry IPA NORT All Day IPA
Brewdog Nanny State NORT Tropical XPA
Mornington Free - NA Pale Ale NORT Pacific Ale (coming soon)

Customise your mix

If you want to make sure some beers are in the mix (or not in) just let us know in the comments section of your order. 

These come in 330ml, 340ml, 350ml and 375ml cans and bottles


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