Mixed Lager-Pilsner 6 pack

Here's a quick mix of non-alcoholic Lager and Pilsner style beers for you to try without having to wade through our selection and methodically pick the style your after. These beers range from classic German beers made according to the Bavarian 'Purity Law' of 1516 to modern Aussie takes on the lager style beers that have been the basis of our historical beer brews. If you're looking for a wide cross-section of bottom fermenting style lager beers that are non-alcoholic, look no further.   

The ALCOFREE Lager-Pilsner Mixed 6 pack will include  6 of the beers below (mix depends on availability) - with new beers coming regularly. 

Bakalar Cold Hopped - this Czech brew is full flavoured
Beneficial Beer Stone Cold Lager - Aussie a traditional malt lager low bitterness 
Big Drop Uptown Craft Lager - Aussie full-flavoured but elegant lager
Budejovicky Budvar
- Czech full bodied barley malt beer
Clausthaler Premium - full-bodied and spicy brew from Germany
Clausthaler Unfiltered Lager
- dry hopped for extra aroma and bitterness
PARC Pils - a Czech style pilsner brewed in Aus
Schloss Eggenberg Pils - Austrian brew light bitterness & great aftertaste
Sobah Lemon Aspen Pils - Assie brewed with native Lemon Aspen
Upflow Ultra Pale Lager
- isotonoic Aussie lager 

Customise your mix

If you want to make sure some beers are in the mix (or not in) just let us know in the comments section of your order. Or order 2 ofd these and we'll include all that we have in your mix. 

These come in 330ml, 340ml, 350ml and 375ml cans and bottles


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