Taste Quality

Alcofree brings you excellent tasting, alternative beverages that are appropriate for any occasion, but without the alcohol and without the high price tag!

Mineral water, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, teas or coffees are often the only alternatives available—even to pair with celebratory gourmet meals - but THEY JUST DON'T CUT IT!!! 

Alcofree drinks are sourced from far and wide! We know that taste matters!

So we serve you only quality drinks with good taste. We are on the hunt to bring you the best non-alcoholic drinks from Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South America and our home region of Australia and New Zealand, of course!

Alcofree drinks


Dr Zenzen Dornfelder

Specialty: Delightful shiny cherry color with subtle aromas of pomegranate & red currant
Review by Karen on May 18, 2017
"Just tried this red for the first time. Straight from the shelf it's a little acidic for my taste but chilled it is just wonderful. Its smooth and light but yet still full of flavour and not too sweet. Definitely going on my regular shopping list!"


Original Budweiser

Review by Helen on Oct 25, 2016: "So this is about the closest thing to the real ( alcoholic) deal as you can get. A little hoppy, but not too much, fresh taste, easy drinking.
My friends steal my beer at parties, that is high praise!!"

Hillbilly Crushed Apple Cider

Specialty: Swallowing a mouthful of Hillbilly Apple Cider is like biting into a just-picked-from-the-tree crisp & juicy apple.  It is so refreshingly delicious!
Review by Tabitha Watson on July 26, 2016. This is one of the best apple ciders that I have ever tasted. Not over powering. The taste of the apple is awesome. Usually apple cider is very sweet. This cider only has the wonderful flavor of apples. This is a great quality beverage.

Kitl Cherry Syrup

Speciality: Kitl CherrySyrup is prepared from cold-pressed organic cherries and brings a slightly bitter but delightfully fruity cheery taste to your drinks.
Review by Michael on Dec 02, 2016 : Our kids love the cherry syrup on their fruit salad, with plain Greek yoghurt or with their ice cream and my wife adds it to her champagne.



Improve the quality of your health

  • Going alcofree means no damage to your organs
  • No adverse interactions with medications
  • Does not harm the foetus
  • Rich in B-Vitamins & phytonutrients
  • 1/3 less calories
  • Increase your brain power! Your mental cognition - thinking patterns will be improved