About Us

Here at Alcofree we have one of the largest range of non-alcoholic drinks in Australia. Ideal for those who don’t want to drink alcohol! Our mission is to make it easier for you to find great tasting alternatives to alcoholic drinks. 

Why should you miss out on having a drink? Drinks from Alcofree let you enjoy the delicious taste of wine, beer, cider and cocktails – without the damaging effects of alcohol. 

Alcofree drinks are sourced from far and wide! Taste matters! So we serve you only quality drinks with good taste. We are on the hunt to bring you the best non-alcoholic drinks from Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South America and our home region of Australia and New Zealand, of course!

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The Alcofree Team 

Alcofree teamAlcofree is a small Australian business (Norzad Pty Ltd ABN 27 086 297 314) founded by Sandy and Trevor, a husband and wife team who are committed to discovering quality beverages and serving you with integrity.

Trev (the Aussie bloke of the team) has an IT background, contracting to large government departments in WA and NSW. However, his passion for discovering exotic beverages has led him to exchange a career in exporting kilobytes for importing kilolitres. 

Sandy (the Kiwi sheila of the team) has experience managing a manufacturing business and working at the Qantas Club, and Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing in both New Zealand and Australia. Her personality can best be described as bubbly - just like the beverages she loves!


Why Shop With Alcofree?

  1. Serving you with integrity
  • Our web site is easy with no hidden costs (all prices include GST)
  • We use a secure payment system for Credit Cards and PayPal so your information is secure and confidential
  • Orders are dispatched promptly and we keep you informed of each step
  1. A personalised service
  • You can phone and talk to us anytime (in Australian or Kiwi only)
  • Our advice on which drinks and for which occasion is FREE
  1. A large range of non-alcoholic drinks 
  • Your preferences are important to us and we welcome feedback
  • We deliver Australia wide


How Alcofree Started

As Sandy and Trev shared passion for sampling unique products found in gourmet shops here and overseas grew (particularly with beverages), they began to notice how limited the supply and range of non-alcoholic beverages is in Australia compared to what is available overseas. 

To save themselves the need to fly overseas each time they wanted to experience the amazing alcohol free tastes available today (finding a good dog sitter isn't easy you know). They had a lightening-bolt moment! Making a decision to start a business whose raison d'etre (French - impressive hey!) was to give Australians more choice by making great tasting and non-alcoholic products more easily available. 

There is More to Life Than Money

While making amazing non-alcoholic drinks readily available is a sound reason to run a business, Trev and Sandy know there’s more to life than money and Alcofree wine. 

They are committed to making a difference to the world in practical ways. It is important to give to the wider community, not just financially (which they have always done) but this new venture gives them an opportunity to do more. As their business grows they intend to employ, and in doing this, empower people who sometimes struggle to find meaningful employment. 

While all the above gives Alcofree a somewhat fairy-tale existence, be assured, Trev and Sandy still have plenty of hiccups. It is their sincere hope that you find the non-alcoholic beverages enjoyable as they have with family and friends!