Health Benefits

There are many reasons to avoid alcohol. Here are a few reasons:

  • you are the designated driver
  • avoid the next day’s hangover
  • watching your calorie intake
  • want to avoid alcohol’s harmful effects on your health in the long term
  • you want to stay sober and in control, such as work functions and some family occasion

However, as most non-drinkers will know, avoiding alcohol in social situations can be difficult. Not only is there often pressure from peers to have a drink in hand, but there is often a limited number of great-tasting alternatives available.

This is where Alcofree can help.

We offer a growing range of de-alcoholised and non alcoholic beverages online which have been hand selected from premium local and international brands based on their quality ingredients, delicious taste and, where applicable, their similarity to the ‘real thing’.

And if you’re not a ‘drinker’?

We also have a delicious range of alcohol-free juices, sparkling juices and mixers that don't taste like typical alcoholic drinks. Our beverages are perfect for any celebration or occasion, so we cater for weddings, parties and corporate functions too. Buy non alcoholic beverages online with Australia’s Alcofree, and enjoy the improved health and reduced cost benefits today!



Improve the quality of your health

  • Going alcofree means no damage to your organs
  • No adverse interactions with medications
  • Does not harm the foetus
  • Rich in B-Vitamins & phytonutrients
  • 1/3 less calories
  • Increase your brain power! Your mental cognition - thinking patterns will be improved


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