Hillbilly Crushed Apple Cider


Brewery:  Hillbilly

Style:  Cider

Alcohol Content:  0.0%

Country of Origin:  Blue Mountains, Sydney

Volume:  330 ml bottle

Swallowing a mouthful of Hillbilly Apple Cider is like biting into a just-picked-from-the-tree crisp & juicy apple.  It is so refreshingly delicious!  You will really enjoy the experience of drinking this cider (It's a WOW experience!).

This delightfully refreshing crushed apple cider is made from 100% apples grown in the Blue Mountains above Sydney.  With no added sugar, it's gluten free!

Best served cold.  With your friends.  On your own.  To music.  To the sounds of nature.  

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Category: Cider

Type: Cider

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