Lowtide Brune-DMC

Lowtide Brewing Co are on a quest to craft unique but outstanding NA beers, and their Brune-DMC hits the spot. This dark beer is styled after a traditional Belgian abbey beer. It is an aromatic ale made with both Saaz and Goldings hops leaving it with a sweet fruity aroma.

It pours with an impressive off-white head and a mahogany colour. Flavours detected include sweet malt and rounded bitterness, with a biscuity finish and lasting hoppiness. It is smooth on the palate and has a nice thickness.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on a can, check out the QR code and turn it up to 11 while you kick back and enjoy the tastes and sounds of Hip hop on Lowtide Brewing Co Radio.

Vegan friendly

Country: UK     Style:  Ale     Alcohol: <0.5%

Water, hops, yeast, oats, rye, barley, wheat, 

per 100ml serve







- Sugar




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