Kitl Lemon Syrup

Kitl Lemon Syrup is one of a range of award winning organic syrups which are healthy and delightful. Kitl Lemon Syrup is prepared from cold pressed lemon concentrates, with 21% of the ingredients being from syrup is made from the fruit juice and pulp. 

Just add 1 part Lemon Syrup and up to 10 parts sparkling water and you have a refreshing drink with an aromatic twist. Or add to mocktails and cocktails, or to one of our non-alcoholic sparkling wines for an authentic sweet champagne  You can of course also mix with hot water at a ratio of 1:8 for a warming drink, or pour over ice cream or pancakes for a delicious alternative the kids will like. 

Kitl syrups are based on recipes originally developed in the 1700's in the little village of Krásná in the Jizera mountains of Czechoslovakia by a (mysterious) Dr Kittel who used natural ingredients to heal ailments. All Kitl syrups are produced using organic fruit, roots and herbs prepared by a 'cold press' method that preserves their vitamins, natural anti-oxidant and aromatic properties (so you need to shake before using and refrigerate after opening to preserve these goodies). The result is a range of surprisingly lively, delicious and healthy drinks.

Country: Czech Republic    Variety: Lemon Syrup     Alcohol: 0% ABV

Sugar, lemon juice concentrate (Citrus x limon, 15%), lemon pulp (citrus x limon, 6%), acidifier: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, vitamin C, natural flavouring.

per 100 ml



- Saturated fat




- Sugar

1292kJ / 304kcal

<0.5 g

<0.1 g

<0.1 mg

<0.5 g

76 g

76 g



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