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Welcome to Alcofree  

Why shop with us?

  • We're a real shop with real friendly staff - not just a web site 
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  • We use a secure payment system for Credit Cards and PayPal
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  • Our advice on which drinks and for which occasion is FREE

Drinks from Alcofree let you enjoy the delicious taste of wine, beer, cider and cocktails – without the damaging effects of alcohol. We distribute a large range of high quality non alcoholic drinks Australia wide that offer a healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages, without sacrificing any of the taste. 


Why alcohol free anyway?

There are many reasons to avoid alcohol. Perhaps you want to drive home, or avoid the next day’s hangover. Or you could be watching your calorie intake, and wanting to avoid alcohol’s harmful effects on your health in the long term. And of course, there are several occasions when it’s wisest to stay sober and in control, such as work functions and some family occasions. 

However, as most non-drinkers will know, avoiding alcohol in social situations can be difficult. Not only is there often pressure from peers to have a drink in hand, but there is often a limited number of great-tasting alternatives available.

This is where Alcofree can help. We offer a growing range of de-alcoholised and non alcoholic beverages online which have been hand selected from premium local and international brands based on their quality ingredients, delicious taste and, where applicable, their similarity to the ‘real thing’.

And if you’re not a ‘drinker’? We also have a delicious range of alcohol-free juices, sparkling juices and mixers that don't taste like typical alcoholic drinks.

And yes; our beverages are perfect for any celebration or occasion, so we cater for weddings, parties and corporate functions too.

Buy non alcoholic beverages online with Australia’s Alcofree, and enjoy the health and cost benefits today!

For more information on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. You can also check out our range in person by visiting our showroom. Click here to view opening hours.