Norfolk Punch - Original

This healthy non-alcoholic drink first made by the Benedictine Monks in the 13th Century, is nature's answer to tenseness, tiredness, and the lowness of spirits. Original Norfolk Punch is a 700 year old mediaeval monastic recipe containing over 30 herbs, berries and spices, with no alcohol, no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colouring. Although Norfolk Punch has no alcohol, it has a remarkable ability to induce a feeling of cheerfulness and wellbeing.

Served piping hot to release the full benefit of the herbs, Norfolk Punch, is an ideal accompaniment to any meal. A chilled glass of Norfolk Punch, on hot days is very refreshing and helps replace lost energy. A wineglass full taken morning and night will allow the gentle but potent herbs to restore the natural balance of your body.

Country: Australia       Style: Mulled Juice       Alcohol: 0.00% ABV

Water, dark brown sugar, honey and the lemon juice combined with subtle infusions, decorations and distillations of grapeskin, elderberry, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, caraway, lemon balm, meadowsweet, vervain, alder, bay, chamomile, alehoof, fennel, hops, liquorice, peppermint, poppy, rosemary, samphire, thyme, angelica, daisy, elderflower, dandelion, lime flower, lime leaf, dock. 

per 100ml serve



- Saturated




- Sugar

134 kJ / 32 kcal

<0.1 g

<0.1 g

14.25 mg

0.1 g

7.8 g

7.8 g




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