Sobriety Society Organic Chardonnay

Sobriety Society Organic Chardonnay is a zero-alcohol wine that still maintains flavour and palate weight. A varietal Chardonnay with citrus, apple and hints of melon on the nose. The palate reflects the nose with a citrus core followed by good weight, texture and refreshing finish. Serve chilled. 

Made with organically grown grapes sourced from around Australia. Sobriety Society uses premium quality organically grown grapes to make pure and expressive alcohol removed wines. An ultra-membrane filter is used to aid the removal of alcohol ensuring the resultant wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured.

Sobriety Society - organically grown range of zero alcohol wines that tastes heavenly  and won’t leave you feeling like hell! 

Country: Australia       Variety: Chardonnay        Alcohol: <0.2% ABV

De-alcoholised wine. Contains Sulphites

per 100ml serve

Energy 60kJ / 14 kcal
Fat <0.2 g
Protein <0.2 g
Carbohydrates 2.9 g
- Sugar 2.7 g
Salt 19 mg


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