This is the national drink of Brazil and pronounced in Aussie as kie-peer-in-ya (my pronunciation).  

It is similar to a Mojito as lime is the champion of this cocktail, only it does not contain mint and the brazilians use Chachaca (a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice) rather than rum (which is distilled from sugar can by products such as molasses).  But Ronsin does go well and is included in this recipe.

80 ml Celebracion Caipirinha pre-mixed cocktail                                                              40 ml Ronsin (non-alcoholic rum)
¼ Lime sliced
Lime peel
40 ml Lime Juice
1 tsp sugar
Crushed ice

Put the Cairprinha cocktail and sliced lime, lime juice and sugar into a glass and mash together (only 3-4 hard crushes – too many crushes and it will taste a little bitter). Add the Ronsin and lime peel and top with crushed ice (you can vary the amount of lime juice and sugar to suit your palate). Garnish with a slice of lime.  

As an alternative to Ronsin you could try 20 ml of our 1883 Triple Sec syrup and leave out the sugar.  

Variations on this theme to create capirifrutas include using kiwifruit, pineapple, passionfruit and mango instead of lime.

This recipe makes a glass (250 ml) of cocktail.

Trevor Schofield
Trevor Schofield