Festive Singria (adapted from Donna Hay)


1 bottle (1ltr) Singria
3 cups (750ml) chilled lemonade
3 cups (750ml) chilled apple juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract                                                                                        1 bottle of non-alcoholic Rose wine                                                                                                     


1 pomegranate, cut into wedges & 4 sprigs of mint                                                                     or chopped apples and oranges or stone fruit


In a container, marinate the fruit of your choice in the Singria.  Leave in the fridge 24 hours prior to use.

Mix to combine the wine, lemonade, apple juice, fruit and vanilla in a 2.5-litre-capacity jug. Add the fresh mint and pour over ice to serve. Makes 2.25L. 
Serves 6-8  (6.9 standard drinks)

Sandy Schofield
Sandy Schofield